I didn't took many pictures on my vacation. Simply because we spent most of the time in the car or on skies. Which unfortunately means that I didn't see much of the cities we visit and we only had time for one museum: the Munch Museum in Oslo. So I thought I show you these, I made many more (they also had the real scream) but these are the best pictures. xxx

all pictures where taken by me


Saw this video of Virginia Fernandes a while ago (here) and thought it was really awesome. xxx


love love love this shoot by Marie Zucker. check out her site it's full of pretty pictures


Only discovered Sea Oleena this week. But I am already hooked and bought her ep sleeplessness. Her music has such a relaxing vibe, and that's something I can really use right now. You should really check more of music on her bandcamp xxx


is a Canadian photographer and artist that we discussed in my photography class. I love the way he makes such beautiful images from really horrible situations. Nature transformed through industry is a predominant theme in his work. Picture source


Well it took me about a month to figure out which way I want to go with my blog. Because I promised you that I would blog more in the new year. But at the same time time I wasn't motivated at all to do any thing. This just didn't feel right. So I actually started thinking that I should stop blogging. But I just don't want to. I am not going to be a perfect blogger and there will be a lot of school breaks (gotta love my education when I comes to free time) But I am not giving up so easily. My blog will mainly consist out of inspiration and school projects. So there will be mainly pictures and less text. That's the reason why my new layout is really simple because I want to focus on my blog especially on the pictures. Hope you like the new changes and hopefully these changes will motivate me to blog more often. xxx

pictures where taken for a photography at school