It's Not About The Money Money Money

A while ago I told you that I was going to Amsterdam with friends. Unfortunately we had to cancel because of the horrible weather. But the weather hasn't done anything spectacular like snowing so if everything goes according plan I will be shopping in Amsterdam this Saturday. There are two stores we must visit that is Urban outfitters and monki, especially monki! Just for fun I've been looking around on their webshop and let's say that my wish list was a little bit above my budget. Here are a couple things that I just must have! XX

You've Got Me Head Over Heels On Gasoline

Well this weekend was pretty boring. On friday I went to the hairdresser. I am really happy with the result. I hated the way my hair looked before so I had two options. Wait till it had grown a little bit longer of cut it all of. I chose as you can see for the second option. Saturday I went to Maastricht with my parents, because I was sick of doing nothing. I bought a new pair of jeans, so now I can wear jeans more often. Saturday evening I went to one of my best friends, she celebrated her birthday and I had a wonderful time. Today I did nothing special. Did some things for school, spend way to much time on Facebook, cleaned my closet and my room. Tomorrow is the vacation over and starts the stress of school again. Only 2 moths left until prom and the exams! XX

Monika Traikov

Unfortunately the vacation feeling is official over. I have to do stuff now instead of wanting to do them. For art class I have to look for inspiration for our new assignment. I choose for the assignment: "inside and outside the frame." A while ago I saw some work of Monika Traikov. She's an example of someone who can make anything from a amazing graphic collage to wonderful pictures. She loves working with every facet of design. From typography, to Illustration, branding and layouts. I especially like her graphic collages. For more check her site or tumblr out XX

Best Times

Sorry for not updating this week, but I have a good excuse. I was to busy with partying all night and sleeping all day. Carnaval was in one word amazing! I had sooo much fun. I don't have many pictures of the way I was dressed. But three friends and I made a t-shirt to show everybody that we are best friends for ever hahaha. After 5 day's partying you get tired, yeah I know strange right. So the past day's I spend sleeping and eating. Unfortunately starts the real life for me again. Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist at half past eight which is really mean! Who does that to people! Common I have vacation half past eight is waaay to early! XX


These pictures are from pull&bear and they make me long to summer so badly. Summer when I am graduated and when I am dancing on Rock Werchter. 
For more pictures check out Pull&Bear XX

Happy Valentines Day

Photographer: Hayley Louisa Brown
Styling: Safiya Yekwai

Some call it Valentines day I call it Tuesday. And an opportunity to show you these amazing photo's!
For more click here and I wish you all a happy valentines day, hope you spend it with the ones you love. XX

Just An Good Old Boring Sunday

Well today was pretty relaxing and boring. Cleaned my room, did some drawing, read the ELLE, surfed on the web a lot haha. So nothing special at all. My hair looked very cute and short today, which I like a lot. I am waiting till after 'carnaval' and then I am going to cut them again, nothing special just a little bit shorter. Tomorrow school, the last week before one week vacation starts and I have one exam and probably no school on friday. I have lots of things to do during the vacation, fun things like dressing up and partying during 'carnaval'.  But also studying for more exams which really sucks. XX

It Is Gonna Be My Year.

Yesterday I got the best news ever, I've been accepted to ArtEZ. So if everything goes according plan I will be in Arnhem on my own next year. So I spend my Saturday evening looking for a room in Arnhem.  The thought of being alone sounds really great but also really scary. During the day I went to the city with my parents, they bought me the photo frames. I am really happy with it and I immediately ordered a bunch of photo's. I will show you it again when I have put my own photo's in there. XX

So Happy I Could Die

Well, at the moment I am dying of happiness! For 'sinterklaas' (dutch santa claus) I got tickets for Rock Werchter which is in end of June start of July this year. Four days with drinking beer, dancing, having fun with my best friends and most important good music! Until now the line up was not bad but not really amazing either. Only florence + the Machine was in my eyes amazing. Today they added some new acts to the line up. And I could not be happier with them, I mean since the first time I heard of the kooks I wanted to see them live! And now that is going to happen!!! I also really look forward to see James Morrison (god he is sooo handsome) and of course Munford and sons! I really really can't wait!! Why isn't is June already! XX

More Pretty Little Butterfly's

Edun S/S 2012 Campaign
Photographer: Ryan McGinley
Models: Charlotte, Dempsey, Bradley, Ehren, Henrieth & David

Those School Uniforms Made A Fool Of Me And You

today my dad told me that it looked like I was someone who came home from a day at school where you have to wear school uniforms. I think it came because I was wearing knee socks and a blazer on a jumpsuit. (yes it is winter where I live as well) I am not sure if he meant it as a complement, but I took it as one. It also reminded me of this song. XX

Do You Want To See The World?

If you don't think this is the most beautiful global ever, you're blind or you obviously don't have any taste at all. I mean first of all it has butterfly's all over it. That's could be enough to convince me that I should have it. But there is more! This global is a ImagineNations, which means it's a global that is customized by hand with recycled materials by Wendy Gold on a vintage global, therefore not two will be exactly the same. Unfortunately this global cost about 600 dollar, which is a little bit out of my budget. But if someone would like to give is to me, who am I to say no hahaha. Wendy has made many more beautiful globals, which you can see on her website here there you will find also her do-it-self kits, so you could customize you own global for only 25 dollars. So that's definitely worth checking out! XX 

Live Fast, Die Young, Bad Girls Do It Well

Were is my glitter jumpsuit?

See You Through The Smoke

I Came, I Saw, And I Kicked Some Ass

Yesterday and today I had my intake at the art academy. Now all I have to do is wait, for two weeks until I hear if they accept me or not. I have no idea how I did it so I am really curious how they though I did it. So fingers crossed if they accept me or not! (they just have to otherwise I am probably gonna cry haha) I also did some shopping and next week I am going to Amsterdam to shop with my best friends. I'll show you all my new buys soon. So you see a little bit more about me haha. Yes I am really taking the more blogging serious. XX