Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats

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I should probably tell you how my exams went. What I have been doing today and then tell you about the dress. But in this case none of that matters, only this amazingly cute cat dress matters! Look how lovely it is!! It is without doubt  to die for. You know what makes is more to die for? That it can't buy it.. The pattern and the dress are made by Leah Goren (who is btw extremely talented you should really check here official site out here) But apparently she doesn't sell it (anymore). And that while I MUST have it. So Leah if you are reading this (which you are probably not) I would be for ever great full if you would make one for me haha XX

When Your Heart Beats Next To Mine

headband/dress: H&M divided

Today was a weird day, we removed all our furniture from the living room and hallway to the garage. The reason why is because we are getting a new floor downstairs these next days. Next to removing all our furniture I studied my ass off, tomorrow are my two last exams (finally)! I must admit I am a little nervous because I have geography and English. I am not nervous for English, but I am really bad at geography. So fingers crossed for that one! These pictures are taken a while ago btw. The way my hair looks with the headband reminded me of madonna somehow. Well when she was young and not trying to hard to be in the music industry. (like she does these days) I hope you had all a lovely weekend and have a lovely week a head of you! XX

It Is A Beautiful New Day

So it looks like the sun finally found it's way to the Netherlands. And it's timing couldn't be better, because I have only 2 exams left. English and Geography both on Tuesday. So I can lie in the sun for 5 days because I have no school. The only down side is that my geography books will join me. But I rather study in the sun dan in our basement while it is raining haha. I also ordered the Prestage magazine and the lula magazine this week. I got Prestage yesterday, I haven't read everything but I already think it is lovely!  I will show you more later! XX

See You Through The Smoke

photographer: Darren McDonald
Model: Emily Jean Bester
Styling: Paul Bui

I loooove this editorial, it is amazingly beautiful. But I think everything with colored smoke is amazingly beautiful, colored smoke is just amazingly beautiful haha XX

The Fun Part Of Life

pictures by my friends, my sister and me

As you know I am in my finals right now. I already had three exams and only four more to go. As I told you before my days before the exams I spend all day studying. Luckily I did get some fresh air before the finals start. The sunday before my first exams it was mothers day, my sister and I bought some presents for her, I drew a card and my sister baked a cake. Every year during mothers day (and the evening before) there is a festival in Geleen where I went to for the second time. My parents only let me go on the sunday for a couple hours, so I didn't see many bands. And today was Ascension day, and there was a festival in a small town near where I live so I also went there with a couple friends. The weather was on both days amazing and I had a really lovely time! Makes me even more excited for Rock Werchter! But first I have to finish these exams :c XX

Maastricht's Damage

headband: h&m, black blouse: h&m, white blouse: h&m, orange sweater: Zara, sunglasses + string: h&m

A while a go I went to Maastricht with my sister and mother. And I still had to show you the things I bought. As you can see I bought most things at the h&m, h&m divided to be precise. I wanted a black sheer blouse for a while and now I finally have it. The only down side is, that it doesn't have bottoms all the way to the collar. So I can't close it completely but I already figured some thing out for that. And of course I got the second issue of Vogue Nederland XX

Super Awesome

Aren't these portraits from the brothers Marvellini amazing! They show that you don't just become a superhero or villain but you learn/get that from you (grand)parents. What I love most about the photos is dat it looks really realistic it almost if they were made in 1860 (or some where around that). I really could see one of these portraits hanging on my wall. How awesome would that be haha. If you want to see more, check out their Facebook here XX

Literally Stu'dying'

Why isn't this over jet! I am sooooo done with studying for my finals. It is the only thing I do next to eating and sleeping. As you probably can guess, that means that I have no time at all for my blog. Which really sucks because I am really into it lately, well I am into everything that is not studying. So I hope you forgive me. I will be trying to post some things now and then, but seen the fact that I don't do a lot of exciting things, it will mainly include things I am longing for to have. (clothes, watches, shoes, books (yes more books) camera's, more shoes etc.) Because every time I have a little study break I am on the internet searching for new thing that I want to have but I don't have any money for (I hate being broke) 
I am sorry I am whining about everything! It is only 3 weeks die hard working and then 4 months partying!! XX

Ooh Summer Where Are You

Ooh Alexa Chung why are you so beautiful! These shots are from her summer collection for Vero Moda summer '12. Personally I don't shop there a lot. I used to, but then there collections became quite boring. I am still not really excited about there collections, but they are back on the right track. Especially with Alexa of course. For more check out there web shop here. XX

Oh Zara My Beloved Friend

1. Dress: 79.95; 2. Sweater: 39.95; 3. Dress: 39.95; 4. Blouse: 49.95; 5. Short: 27.95; 6. Blouse: 39.95; 7. Dress: 49.95; 8. Wedges: 39.95; 9. Wedges: 39.95

The Zara webshop is a lovely place on the internet. But of course you all know that haha. Yesterday I pict some pieces from the webshop that I really like. Because today I went to Maastricht with my mom and sister and of course we also went into Zara. In the Zara I only bought the orange sweater from this wish list. But I also bought some other things at other shops, that I will show you of course very soon. I spend the rest of the day studying for my exams unfortunately. I really can't wait until it is the 30th of may then my exams will be finally over. XX  

The Polaroid Book

from urban outfitters

I've showed this book to you before. It is one of the things I bought when I was in London for a day. And I thought it would be nice to show you some of the polaroids that I really like. Of course I like all of them (well almost all) so I just pict a few. Enjoy! XX