Hello, last week I went to the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem (MMKA in dutch) because I read they had an exposition about Piet Paris and a photo exposition from Louise te Poele about the most recent graduated fashion design students from ArtEZ. And seen the fact that I had an day off and I have free access to the museum I thought why not. The exposition about Piet Paris was ok, not really big but still quite lovely and a great example of his work. But if you were planning to travel far for it, I can tell you it's not worth it. The pictures from Louise te Poele where amazing and sort of funny because I recognized some people from school so that was really awesome. But the exposition Framis in Progress (the one this post is actually dedicated to) was what I liked most. It is about some works from Alicia Framis, a Spanish artist. The photo set 'Foreign Affairs' (last photo) and the 'One nightstent' (fourth picture) were my favorite parts of the exposition. But she did many more awesome things, with all kind of materials and messages. (I am showing you only a small part) You should really check out her website, and if you are in/near Arnhem the exposition. Have a great weekend! X


Well everybody was in love with Justin Timberlake when they (and he was) where younger and he was in *NSYNC and with Britney Spears. But I have to admit he is way more attractive to me at this age. Next to that he is just a really awesome singer. I mean his music is not some thing you expect I would listen to maybe. But I was so in love with his album Futuresex/Lovesounds, and after to many years he is back. I wasn't really into Suit and Tie. I mean I don't think it's bad but it just didn't do it for me. So I thought maybe my love for Justin is over. And the only reason I watched this clip is basically because it has been all over the internet because there are some serious naked women in it. So I wanted to see what all that commotion was about. And then I fell in love all over again. I think the video is clean and stunning, especially the beginning. At the end they kind of over do it with all the nudity. And I rather see this dan some reaaally but really hot chick in some golden triangle bikini dancing next to some rapper dude with a grill and a big car. I think Justin show the beauty of a females body and of course sex sells is definitely some thing that's going on here. But at least in an grown up way that I consider beautiful. Anyway that's mine opinion, and I thought I would share it with you. Unfortunately you can't watch it if you are under the age of 18. Sorry that's just our society. X


Hej there! Tomorrow is a big day for me. I finally get the keys for my new room and then I am going to paint the walls. The day after tomorrow is moving day. Kind of nervous but also reaaaly excited. 
Anyway here are some pictures from Rock Am Ring made by Linda and me. These pictures aren't really showing my best side but I wanted them to show you anyway. Hope you enjoy them they really reminde me of a great time. And the make me wish I bought more festival tickets instead of working my enthire vacation. But in three weeks I'll be in Londen so I shouldn't be complaining. Have a great week! X


Hej there, this weekend has been pretty lame. I worked all weekend long, worked today and I'll be working tomorrow. Last friday I visited the MoBA with my mom, so I finally made some pictures. And after that I went to All Time Low in the 013. Which was reaaaaly awesome! Another really awesome thing, today I booked a trip to London with one of my best friends. We're visiting a friend of mine who lives there for a month. She is leaving the day after we arrive, but at least she gave me a reason to go to London. SO FREAKING EXCITED. Now I am gonna leave you with some pictures of one of the expositions of MoBA: HURRAY. This is an exposition put together because it is ArtEZ' sixtieth anniversary. You can find here works of graduated fashion student from all over the world. 
Next time I'll show you a little bit more from the MoBA. If you haven't been to it you should really go. It's still in Arnhem until the 21th of July. Have a nice weekend! XX


A new begin starts with new hair! Yes I dyed my hair purple (and cut of some inches but thats not for the first time and was quite necessary). I couldn't be happier with it, I mean it was quite an investment but I am so happy with it. Perfect way to start a new period in my life. New school, new room, new city, new friends (I am keeping my boyfriend though!) and (hopefully) many more beautiful/nice/wonderful things.
Quick update on life:
Being a volunteer at MoBA is really fun (ok I admit also very boring sometimes) I have already met so many nice and inspiring people!
I have like zero spare time. And every second that I've noting I am spending with zhe boyfriend.
I didn't only get accepted at SintLucas, they also thought my work was good enough for the second year!
I found a room in Eindhoven and I am moving very soon. The room is huge and I have my own kitchen (big yay!).
I developed my Rock am Ring pictures, so I'll be showing them to you very soon.
And I have a really cool trip to London with a friend on the schedule.
So many fun things for the near future!! Talk to you soon c: X