Unlimited Creativity

Every girl probably has something like this. An inspiration book, well mine is full with collages, drawings, and quotes. It was my favorite thing to work on when I actually had to do my homework. But since my vacation started I rediscovered it again. So every moment that I only feel a little bit bored, I start cutting and drawing again. XX

Call Me When You Get This

Hej, it has been a while. But of course I already have made up loads of excuses for that. Mainly the fact that I had no inspiration what so ever. Last week I just got up in the morning, went to work, came home did nothing, eat, went to bed, started that over again. But luckily I have a week off, and I am spending it working on the pallets for my bed (the bed I am going to sleep on in Arnhem) Tomorrow I can finally start painting them! Thanks to the pallets I also got sunburned really bad. But that's okay because hopefully it will turn in to a tan.. some day. By the way, the hair of the girl on the sixth pictures is amazing! I wish I could that with my hair, but unfortunately I have brown curly hair. But a girl can dream right. Have a lovely week, hopefully the sun will continue shining here in the Netherlands! <3

We Are Your Friends

Rock Werchter picture overloaaaad! haha, me and two of my friends developed our disposal camera's. So finally here is the proof that I actually was there haha. XX

I Am A Good Friend And An Excellent Lover

Yesterday after work I had to clean my room because it was a real mess. After that I got bored which lent to these (and more) pictures. I love being in my room, I spend most of my time there on my laptop. If you want to see more of my room, just ask I have enough material atm so haha. 
Anyway, thank god it's friday which means weekend! Time for a party right! Have a lovely weekend! XX

ph001: my make-up table (the mirror is hidden) with a lot of stuff like the books I got for graduating, my new Zara bag, two little vases that I bought in Romania, etc. And above it a frame with 28 pictures of my dearest.
ph002: my new (fake dr martin) boots from the primark that I bought recently and already got a lot of compliments on.
ph003: Zara dress and the view from one of my window's
ph004: a poster from Keta Gutmane x BLANKBLANK (wrote more about it here)
ph005: where I keep my earrings. It's originally a bowl for nuts from 'de bijenkorf'
ph006: some of my shoes, I have a closet for my shoes but it is full, so I have six pairs standing in my room (the other to are white and black vans, which I basically wear almost every day)

Mirror, Mirror

Well as I told you I have now a new obsession with make-up. No I am just kidding, but when I saw this clip from Chanel on NSMBL I fell in love with it. Which is not weird because I am a girl and we have a weakness for sparkling things haha. It's officially about the lipstick but personally I am more interested in the crystals and glitters. Apparently it took Peter Philips 3 hours to put it on her face! That's insane! XX

I Am Singing Along Like There's No Tomorrow

Hello dears, I thought that looking at the things I bought was getting boring. (I personally think it is) So instead you can watch my face, yay (or not) The past few days were quite boring. No they were extremely boring. Starting off by being sick after Rock Werchter. Then my face still looked like a mess for the rest of the week. And I worked my ass off and did almost nothing fun or with people that where out of my 'liefdespoel' (three best friends) Of course I did some fun thing, well one fun thing. A thing I have been doing waaaaay to much lately: shopping! I did it so much lately, especially for a person that has spend most of the past year studying for tests and sleeping and partying if I wasn't studying, that I am actually sick of it. I bought too many clothes, shoes and sunglasses lately that I started to buy new make-up. Something I do rarely. Bought my very first mac product ever: eyeliner (of course) so that's kind of special (I think) Further noting special happened, well apart from the fact that I finally found a room in Arnhem! I am soo happy with it! The house is actually quite small but the room is 22 M2. Which then again is quite big. On 6 august I will get the keys and then I can start decorating! I am of course really excited about that, but also scared to death. The hole living on your own thing is starting to come really close now.
Anyway, I will spend the rest of my week working, sleeping and hopefully partying. Have a lovely week! XX

Went Shopping Again

Long denim shirt; levis, sweater; Polo Ralph Lauren, orange dress; H&M, floral top; H&M, T-shirt; H&M, sunglasses; H&M

So before I went to Rock Werchter, I went one day outlet shopping with my sister and mother. And I went one day to Eindhoven with friends for the last things for Werchter (like sunglasses haha). In Eindhoven I also searched for mint blue shorts but I couldn't find them so the next day I also went to the H&M here in Sittard. Where I couldn't find the shorts either but where I did find the dress, top and t-shirt. Eventually my mom bought the shorts in Maastricht when I was in Werchter so I also got those c: Today I had to work in the afternoon, but I got sick so I went home early. Tonight I am going to bed early and sleep to noon, hopefully I will feel better then tomorrow when I have to work again XX

Rock Fucking Werchter!

Honey I am home! Well of course I have been home for two day's but I spend those days recovering from the four most awesome days ever. I saw so many artist, the weather was awesome, the food was delicious, the people super nice and go so on. On tuesday we saw the All American Rejects, Within Temptation, Rise Against, Blink-182, The Cure, The Kooks and Justice. Friday Wiz Khalifa, Gossip, Jack White, Pearl Jam, Lana Del Rey, The Temper Trap, Beirut and Deadmau5. On saturday we went to James Vincent McMorrow, Black Box Revelation, Wolfmother, Ben Howerd, Mumford and Sons, The XX, The Editors and Chase & Status. And the last day, sunday The Vaccines, Dropkick Murphys, Die Antwoord, Ed Sheeran, Florence + The Machine, Snow Patrol and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Of course I made pictures of all of them, but the quality of my camera wasn't that great so they didn't turn out that great. I also took pictures whit a disposable camera but those pictures aren't developed yet. The only down side of these amazing days is the fact that I am kind of allergic for grass so now that I am home my skin is a mess. But that was definitely worth it! XX