Can we please take a minute an appreciate this!! These dresses from the Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 collection are the best thing ever! I want to marry in the one in the middle. (Or the one on the left, or both, it's my day so both) I mean before I saw it I didn't want to marry at all. But the dress changed my mind, so amazing do I think it is.
Ok that's all, my life is pretty boring so haha.


Meet the most expensive part of my Berlin trip, the Dr. Martens Flora Boots aka my new favorite pair of shoes! I've wanted a pair of boots like these for ever, but every (cheaper) pair I tried where to slim for my feet. When I saw these for the first time I immediately fell in love and I just had to have them. I've always been obsessed with Dr. Martens! The shoes are just my style and the quality is just amazing. One of my friends now wears a pair of Dr. Martens her mom wore when her mom was her age and the shoes still look great! I even got life long insurance with these boots. So when I somehow manage to break them, they will sent me a new pair of boots!1!! What more could you want in a boot! 
( I also bought a book named 'Design as Art' by Bruno Munari. So that I can start with my 'learn more about the world' goal for 2015


I didn't take many pictures during our trip in Berlin. Mainly because I was to busy partying and drinking beers. Next to that we did a bit of shopping the first day and a little bit of sightseeing the last evening. I don't really care about that, since I've been to Berlin three times in the last three years. So I know what the Brandenburger Tor looks like and we ate a lot of German food so that counts as sightseeing as well! Enjoy the few shot's I can show you haha.



To keep in the festive new year atmosphere for a little longer, how awesome are these flowerworks by Sarah Illenberger I saw on AnotherMagazine.com!! To bright up this depressing month a little bit.