My last weekend off is almost over. Next week the Dutch Design Week starts in Eindhoven. During the DDW you will find me at studio rENs, where I did my internship the past 6 months. So please come visite us if you're going to the DDW! 

Anyway I spend my last weekend off before the DDW storm doing absolutely nothing. I watched the movie 'The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' with my boyfriend and I absolutely loved it! 
Also I am obsessed with this band called 'Years & Years'. The lead singer is called Olly Alexander and you might know him from the last season of Skins, or the movie God Help the Girl. (haven't seen this one myself is it any good?) I must admit I have a little crush, he is just so odd and kind of awkward but also kind of sexy. Anyway their music is so good! (check that out down below.)

So that's what has been keeping me busy the last 48 hours and tomorrow I will only eat, breath and dream (about) the Dutch Design Week! Talk to you soon.


On the second day of our Antwerp Adventure we visit two museums, first up was the FOMU.
My favorite expo was the one called "The Enclave" by Richard Mosse. I had seen it before on tumblr and fell in love with it immediately.

Richard Mosse documents armed rebel groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo using a type of infrared film that was originally developed by the military to detect camouflage. This now discontinued film registers infrared light and is characterised by its unusual colour palette of vivid pink and teal blue. Which kind of gives the photo's a magical feeling, even though the whole situation is horrible.

Another expo I really liked was called "The Magazine Work"by Walker Evans. It's about the work of Walker Evens that was publicized in magazines. Really inspiring how well these series fit together.
I highly recommend you visit the FOMU when you're in Antwerp!

Next up was the MOMU. I had heard so much about it so I was pretty curious about it, and I must say they didn't disappoint me. The collection looked incredible. I can't show you my favorite part because it was some kind of digital movie that highlighted some pieces in a incredibly beautiful way. So if you want to see that you need to make a trip to Antwerp.

Every year, MoMu gives the ‘MoMu award’ to a MA student of the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. The winner get's to show their work in the MOMU gallery for four months. The winner of this year was Madeleine Coisne with her collection "Centers". (If you want to know more about it click here) What I loved most about this was, the proces from inspiration to a picture or drawing to a finished product.

Sorry for the overload on pictures and information, but I just get so excited about museums. 
Still got some more stuff to show you from Antwerp, but my internship started again and everything is very hectic atm. So I can't promise you that it will be online by friday. Have a nice week!


I always forget how wonderful it is to visit other places. Over the next few post I will tell you a bit about my trip to Antwerp last weekend. It was the best and I definitely think I should do city trip like this more often. If only I had my driving license, that would make everything so much easier.