I have been a little bit down lately. That's not weird since I am probably also a little bit over worked. But what can I say, that is just who I am. You could say that I am kind of a work-a-holic. Ever since I went to the art academy I seem to think that I don't need vacation. I am one of the very few people in this world that doesn't need a vacation. Guess what, that is not true. I am just like everybody else! I just have a hard time admitting that. So I decided to stay in bed for two days, and I kind of loved that so much that I took the rest of the week off. I have been chilling with my boyfriend before he is leaving for three weeks. We did a little shopping, I pierced my ears for the third time, watched some movies (the amazing spiderman 1+2, didn't like them to be honest), played some games, eat a lot of ice cream. And it was wonderful. But that's all over now. He's leaving in a couple days and I just finished another day at my internship. Life goes on, and that's ok. I feel a little bit better. And it is only 2,5 weeks until Pukkelpop. So better days are a head of me. 

I just have to keep myself a little bit distracted by doing more productive and fun things. Instead of waiting for something to happen. Have a nice and productive week!


Whoop there it is, my work in a museum. To be completely honest with you (that's just wat I do on this blog) I wasn't 100% happy with it. More 30% happy with it, but that's ok. Because that means that I still have a lot to learn and that I am not easily pleased with my own work. They just had to be bigger and I am still not sure about the typography. But what can I say, it was a fun experience. I had a nice evening at the opening. Met some nice people, saw nice work of others. Next time I will just make the posters bigger. Because sometimes BIGGER IS BETTER.


So right now as I am writing this my parents and sister are in New York for two and a half week. And my boyfriend is leaving in a couple days for three weeks traveling through Europe. And I am left all alone in Eindhoven stuck at my internship. From the beginning I knew it was going to be difficult to work the entire summer holiday, but now I am actually starting to regret it. 
So to keep my mind of the fact that I feel really lonely right know, I start searching for something to look forward to. (after this really depressing phase of this year) The first upcoming fun thing is Pukkelpop 2014! Really looking forward to that (I went there two years ago as well)
But after that nothing. Absolutely nothing accept three weeks off in september. But with nothing planned that also sounds very boring. So I started looking for train tickets to Copenhagen, but that shit is extreeeemly expensive. So after that I thought Berlin, but my boyfriend is already going to Berlin during his trip through Europe. And he has never been to London before, so I guess we're going to London. As you might remember (or not) I went there last summer and the summer before that. So I am a little less excited about London. Don't get me wrong I loooove being there and getting there is sooo cheap. But it is not that new anymore. But like I said it is cheap to get there and well I do everything for le boyfriend (if he asks nicely of course). 

I know how to get in London, but if you have ANY tips about staying please say so. The hostel I stayed at last year was ok for a shopping trip with a friend. But I actually want to stay a little longer with my boyfriend. So tips are more than welkom!


As soon as I heard about the ELLE Festival I wanted to go. But after I found out that I had to pay for a ticket I kind of forgot about it. Luckily for me the studio I am interning at, showed one of their carpets at the ELLE Festival (see first image) and they got two free tickets left. So yay for me and my mom. I had a great day even though it took us about 4 hours to only get to Amsterdam. 
We went to the ELLE Palvioen and the graduation expo of academie artemis for styling. Even though the ELLE Palvioen wasn't very big, everything looked beautiful! And the graduation expo was really busy, but also really beautiful. Especially my mom was really exited about the expo. I had a fun day in Amsterdam, but I don't know if I will visit the ELLE Festival again. We'll see next year. Until then let's enjoy the pictures I took. (My 50mm lens and I are starting to get the best friends ever!)


Look how well I am doing at this blogging thing! I am rather impressed with myself. I just wrote two post every week for the last three weeks. I mean it is nothing if you compare it with other bloggers. But for me, that is actually something to be proud of. Ok ok I know well done, but can I keep this up? I don't know, we shall see. But let me at least celebrate a little bit.

Anyway I have another reason to be proud! This weekend (18th, 19th & 20th of July) the work of 14 creative students between the age of 18 and 25 years old will be exposed in the modern art museum of Venlo. Included me, myself and I! I must admit even though it is only in Venlo (a small town in Limburg, the Netherlands) I am quite nerves. And also proud to be one of these 14 people. And well it is maybe a small museum, at least it is a museum! MY WORK IS GOING TO BE EXPOSED AT A MUSEUM!!!! I got everything ready, I even ordered some new business cards. With my 'logo' and my actual email address and website (check it out here). In case you were wondering, yes that was not the case on my previous business cards (oops)
So please, if you are somehow near Venlo, or you aren't but you want to see this anyway (and your not going to the festival DOUR (like my boyfriend is) or to New York (like my parents and sister)) come and visit me and my beautiful masterpiece! For more info you can check out the website of the museum or the event on Facebook

I have some free tickets left, because as you could read above my parents, sister and boyfriend aren't available then. See you there!!

oh p.s I went the the ELLE Festival a while ago. I will post those pictures on friday. (yes that's right an actual promise from me to you!)


Lately I have been seeing a lot of movies! And by that I mean in a movie theater. Because well let's be honest, there is a huge difference between seeing a movie in a theater and seeing one in bed or on your couch! The biggest difference (and don't even try to deny it!) is that the movie you are watching from you couch, (or bed whatever floats your boat) you've just downloaded from the internet.
Don't get me wrong I am not judging you. But in the last few months the movie theater has won my heart back. Well that's not completely right, the art house has won my heart over. 

Here is why (This is totally my opinion, based on my experience the last few months):
- the movies are sooo much cheaper, you pay like max. 7,50 euro. Mean while you are paying 11,50 euro for a movie in a regular theater.
- look at these cute tickets you get when you buy a ticket!
- the movies are so pretty, and they have a proper storyline. (don't get me wrong I did love the other woman as well, so predictable and so nice after a long day of work)
- you feel a lot smarter after watching one of the movies.
- the movies are often spoken in another language. What makes you feel (as said before) much more clever. But also fits a lot better with the story of the movie.
- smaller screening rooms.
- you aren't allowed to eat or drink during the movie. (ok maybe a downside for some of you, but no noise, and you're not getting fatter than you already are!)
- the food/drinks you can buy before and after the movie aren't crazy expensive and a lot better and healthier.

The movies I saw over the last two months are:

If you actually care what I thought about these movies, because as you know I have an opinion about everything. Please let me know, I could write something about it or something like that.


A model with an interesting face, a clean background and a clean styling. Combine these three things together and you have my favorite kind of lookbook photo's. And The Row's Resort 2015 Lookbook. So beautiful, I want everything. But I want so many things and have so little money. Poor me.


On a normal friday I spend my entire day at my internship. But this friday was different. Because I went to the graduation and graduation expo of the art academie in Breda. I had never been to this school before but my internship supervisors (don't even know if that is the right way to describe them but anyway) graduated there six years ago. A former intern graduated today and they were part of the board of examiners. So they had to go and they asked me to come. And of course I said yes. I spend most of the time at the expo because I didn't really knew anyone who was graduating, and I just really wanted to see the work they all made. You can enjoy my beautiful iPhone pictures above. And I will write the names (and if I can find their site) of the people who I liked most here to. (I liked a lot more, but I didn't wrote everything down. The names are only from the cards and other stuff I took.)