You're Still Here When Summer Ends

And here are my pukkelpop pictures (and from Bruis, the second one) from my disposal camera then finally! There are more, but well they aren't that charming or flattering for my friends haha. I do miss the awesome time we had there. I will miss the summer, although I am also quite excited for autumn! Finally sweater weatherrrr haha. Spend most of this week in my bed being sick, so that sucks. But today I finally started to feel better again! Just in time for the weekend haha. XX 

Finally Eighteen!

dress H&M divided

Hello there! I am now talking to you as a adult, seen the fact that I turned 18 last friday! I had a great birthday! Of course I had to go to school on friday, but I treated everyone on cake and everybody was really nice to me! Friday evening I went home and when I was home my friends were there and we ate more cake! Saturday I spend most of the time doing my homework. And in the evening I went out, I haven't had so much fun in a really long time! Talked to many people, drank al lot and danced the entire night. 
Now week three on the art academy has started. And of course I am swimming in homework. But fortunately we have a day off this tuesday. Well not really a day off, because we must go to the graphic festival in Breda. But I call it a day off because it is fun and we don't have to go to school. So I am excited about that. And then this weekend Breakfest (a festival) and my sisters and my birthday for family and friends!
Bought the dress yesterday, I had a week moment and had to shop! Also bought some socks for in my new shoes (with dots, they are really cute!) which I got from my mom for my birthday (and my driving lessons + license) Have a great week! XX

Nothing happens when you sit at home - Elliott Erwitt

Hello there! Another short post today. Seen the fact that I am awake since 5:30 am and it's about 15 and a half hour ago. So to say that I am quite tiered is an understatement. Being a student is killing. But I can sleep till noon tomorrow because school doesn't start until 1:15 pm. Other good news is that after longing for sooo long for a SLR camera and finally it's mine! So the quality of my pictures will be better in the future. Talk to you soon! XX

ps; this is my hundredth post, yay!

New Life

Photo's by me

Hej there, remember me? I am that girl that starts more post about apologizing about the fact that I have been absent, than that I start post normally. This time my excuse is the fact that school has started again! High school is (finally) officially over for me! Which also means that vacation that I had for the past 3 months is also over. And they made that very clear from moment one. I have soooooo much homework. I actually don't have that much time to tell you how awesome my weeks have been. Because I still have a shit load to do for tomorrow. So I am going to leave you longing for more. But I am not leaving you with nothing, because I am leaving you with pictures of my precious room in Arnhem! XX