Hej there, yes yes still not regularly blogging. But I updated my portfolio and I am actually (re)blogging a lot more on my tumblr. So that can keep you sort of updated about my work and inspiration. Who knows maybe some day I'll be the best blogger ever. Probably not though. Now I'll enjoy my last days of freedom before I finally start my internship, SO EXCITED and scared but positive scared. And I am moving next weekend, so new things are happening and I am loving it! Have a great weekend. X


I you only know me a little, you know that I write everything down in a notebook. I am not even exaggerating. So when I saw these notebooks here I immediately fell in love. Especially with the one with the marmer texture. But I have no idea if they send to holland, and well I still have 4 more empty notebooks to go. (my mom really likes to give them to me, so sweet) But who knows, maybe these will be mine some day! X