Who Has Two Thumbs And Is Going To London?

Finally I am done with my exams, so now I can enjoy my free days. Tonight I am going to the Hunger Games with my friends and my little sister. And this Saturday I am going to London with school. I am soooo excited, it is going to be my first time in London. And we have like six hours spare time. So if you have any tips of places that are a must to go to. Please let me know! XX

My Best Dress On Underneath This Old Coat

Only one day left studying my ass off. Lucky the weather is still great and I get some musical support from Corinne Bailey Rae. Happy Tuesday haha! XX

Ooh, We Cut Up Our Old Jeans And Go Outside

Some impressions of my weekend. Of course I bought the first dutch vogue ever. I think everyone who is only a little bit interested in fashion should get it. The sun also finally found his way to the Netherlands. Unfortunately I had to study but only 2 exams left and I can spend some day's enjoying the sun and doing nothing at all. Besides studying I opened the new season with my friends and some desperados and it was warm enough to wear my sandals outside. And the most important thing that happened this weekend was that our local ice hockey club won the Dutch ice hockey cup. It is the first time ever that they won it so it was quite a happening. My dad, the huge fan that he is, stayed there until 3 am last night. So even though I am still in my 'ptaweek' I had a really fun weekend! How was yours? XX

oo btw, the pictures are take with Instagram; if you like you can follow me, my name is on Instagram is mnej

Because I Am Crazy, I Need You To Come Here And Save Me

I've been obsessed with her album lately. My favorites are Diet Mountain Dew, Lolita, Carmen, This Is What Makes Us Girls & Off To The Races. XX

I Heard That You Like Bad Girls Honey

I have been a really bad blogger, and unfortunately this isn't going to change soon. School is really killing me lately, next week we have a week full with really important exams. Next to the fact that school is killing, is the fact that I am totally out of inspiration to blog about. This is probably just a phase and after the next two weeks I will try my best to entertain you again. Hopefully you will forgive me! XX

The Cost Is Higher Who Are You To Decide

I've only heard of these guy's since Tuesday and I am already obsessed with there music! XX