It’s that time of the year again, where I get very sentimental about last year. But I think it is an good thing to think back for a second. Even if it is only to move on a little bit better. (if you don't feel like reading, skip to the last paragraph, that's about blogging)

Last year was a very weird year. I learned a lot about myself but also about life.I got to know a side of myself that I never saw before. A very insecure and emotional side. 
And even though it was very hard to accept that I failed at something, it eventually made me feel like a better and stronger person. I’ve changed a lot last year and I feel like I’ve finally started growing towards adulthood. Still have a long way to go though. Although I still think the only person you really can rely on is yourself. I also learned that you sometimes have to accept help from others. And that brings me to the part where I am going to thank everyone who has been there for me the past year.
Unfortunately I can’t take everyone with me to 2014, but I know every goodbye means an new hello. I just hope that it will be the most beautiful hello you’ve every had.
I feel like I can call myself blessed with the people I’ve around me now. So dear new and especially old friends thank you form the bottom of my heart and hopefully we’ll have a wonderful 2014 together. In 2013 I learned what I feels like to love someone the moon and back. And how it’s to be loved like that. I also learned love is hard work and is not always easy but always worth it. I love you my dear! Forever.
I am great full for all the wonderful moments! From the that time I went back to the zoo I wandered through when I was five years old, to the first time I dyed my hair for the first time, or the amazing festivals and concert I went to. Saying goodbye to my first room in the city of my (old) dreams in Arnhem. Never thought I would be so emotional about leaving a place after moving five times. 

Next year won’t be my big year, I have had enough of that for a while. Next year will be just fine with all kind of wonderful small moments and some big ones. I want to see as many things as possible, just like every year. Keep in touch with my dear friends but also make loads and loads of new ones. Maybe start an new adventure in an other country. O right I said it wouldn’t be an big year. Well we’ll see, I just hope I can keep on growing as a person. And find happiness in all moments, happy ones but also the sad ones. 

As for blogging, I came up with the idea to post more personal stuff. I've not been blogging much lately, and I though maybe I should post something personal every month.(not always this dramatic, don't worry) Kind of like a diary, because that's what blogging has been for right? The inspirational posts are also here to stay so don't worry. Oh and school kind of made me also use it for events we're going to so also expect that. Have a very marry, happy new year!!!!! 


I've been obsessed with the human body for some time now. I just find it so interesting, and to be honest I just don't get it. These pictures of the France photographer Olivier Valsecchi are amaaaazing.  
These images belong to a serie called 'Klecksography' and they look like kaleidoscopic images and optical illusions. Olivier Valsecchi also made an other serie called 'I Am Dust' you should als check that out on his site! 


On 6 and 7 november my classmates and I went to Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival. Playgrounds is a festival for innovative and creative digital arts. It is actually three days, in Tilburg, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. It was a really amazing experience, very inspiring. I am glad they made us go both days even though it were really long days full of listening. The three presentations I liked most were Genevieve Gauckler, Marcus Wendt of FIELD and Polynoid. The last one was definitely my favorite. Polynoid. Not only their work, but also their presentation. They talked about how they started, from art school up until where they are at now. They showed us a lot of their progress but I still have no clue how they made their animations. It is just so amazing. Loom is their graduation project and represents their style amazingly. You should really check it out below:


A while ago (October 1st, to be precise) I went to the exhibition 'Anthon Beeke, it's a miracle' at Pier Hein Eek, with school. You probably know Anthon Beeke of his nude alphabet, the curator of the exhibition was Lidewij Edelkoort. Who was also the main curator of the MoBA '13. We had to pick one of his works and make a presentation about it, what it looked like, what it was about, but also what it reminded us off. Tell you more about that, first I want to show you some of the pictures I took.  These are only works of Anthon Beeke himself, at the exhibition was also a part about his students. Maybe I'll show you that some other time.


Hoj eventje een berichtje in het Nederlands! Ik ben heel hard opzoek naar mensen tussen de 17 en 20 jaar die al een of meerdere tatoeages heeft. Ik moet namelijk voor een fotografie opdracht mensen van mijn generatie fotograferen. En ik vind de hype die er nu rond tatoeages is heel erg fascinerend. En wil dit graag vast leggen. Locatie? Gewoon in je eigen slaapkamer of studenten kamer. Alsjeblieft help me! X


Today sucks, I feels like it's an boring sunday even though it is saturday! Today should be the most fun awesome day of the week. But instead it is so boring. There were some fun things this week though. I bought some new headphones. (you already saw them in my previous post) I bought a new camera lens, and I went to Unseen yesterday. Unseen was really inspiring, unfortunately we went kind of late so we only had like two hours to see everything. Even though we didn't see everything I am still very happy I went. Next year I am definitely going again. Didn't make any pictures because I didn't bring my camera and my iPhone died the second we got there. Anyway, I hope you have a better weekend than I am having! x 


Here it is the post you've been all waiting for! The pictures of my new room in Eindhoven. I wanted to upload them yesterday. But blogger didn't collaborate. So sorry for the long wait en enjoy! I must admit I am rather proud of my room. And it really feels like home to me already. X


Score + Solder is what the brand of Matthew Cleland is called. He creates this beautiful mini greenhouses. All his 'pieces' are handmade, which for me as a student also means (unfortunately) unaffordable. But I just really wanted to show them to you, a perfect example of good craftsmanship.
He also makes the most beautiful lamps, check out his site. You can also order them there. X


Happy birthday to meeee! Last saturday was (finally) my nineteen birthday! I had a great time. On the evening before I celebrated my birthday in Eindhoven with my closed friends. We ate a lot (thanks mom) and chatted a lot and after that I went partying with two of them. After some sleep from 6 am till 12 o'clock I went home to my parents, sister and boyfriend. Got my presents and in the evening my boyfriend took me out for dinner (he really spoiled me). I am still getting some presents. My sister's birthday is next saturday so we're also celebrating my birthday then for our family. So then I am getting more presents and also from my friends from Arnhem this thursday. Sunday I went to Utrecht with a friend and her boyfriend. There was an exposition of some recently graduated art school students. It was really awesome to see, but not a very big exposition. I also got my ears pierced for a second time, also a present for my birthday. So I actually had an really great weekend! And more for days to look forward to. Talk to you soon! X 

ps1 if you're wondering why there is an picture of me with an vacuum cleaner, I got it for my birthday so I obviously had to show it to my friends haha!
ps2 I stopt twitter a while ago, because personal reasons, but since then instagram is my number one addiction, follow me!


picture is 'created' by me, pictures I used to make it, are from tumblr
Hej! Here is an other sight of life from me. I have been quite busy with living. You know having fun and not only work, school, work, work and work. Moved in my new room (will show you pictures very soon!) started a new school, already had my first dead line! We had to make a movie, I am not really happy with the end result (could have done a much better job) but if you want to see it you can check it here out. Apart from the going to school and starting a new life is it my nineteenth birhtday next saturday!! Really excited for that c: On friday I am having a party for my close friends and on saturday (my birthday) I am just going to chill with my parents, little sister and boyfriend. Fun times, and quite curious what I am getting. Have a great week! X


I don't really know anything about skateboarding or long boarding. Apart from the fact that it's definitely not made for me. My boyfriend on the other had is a skater and he has a very strong opinion about long boarding: 'Lame'. 'Because even girls can do it'. (something that I, as secret feminist, can't stand) So girls here is a really awesome video of Melanie Golz, European longboard dance champion. That something awesome like that even exists!
Oh by the way, I know I haven't been updating that much lately. But school has started again this week and I had my last work day today. So I am back to being really busy. Tomorrow I am going to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, because my grandparents are married for 50 years. Really looking forward tot that. Talk to you soon X


I don't really get the part with the children, and if you ask me they could leave them out. But apart from that is this perfection. The song is great and catchy (can't get it out of my head) and the location of the video is amazing! Enjoy X


As you probably know am I a sucker for magazines and then mainly the photography. But being on a student budget I just can't buy every cool magazine is see. (and believe me there are a LOT of magazines that I find cool/interesting/etc.) So websites as Issuu are heaven to me. You just fill in what interest you and Issuu finds you a selection of magazine. If you really like an magazine you can 'follow' them. So each time they put a issue online you get an email. You can also put your own magazines online. (something I did a long time ago with my PWS) Above is one of the magazines I follow, it's really beautiful full of photography and I love the design. Check it out! X


Hello. As promised my London pictures, I also made some pictures with my disposable camera. But the film roll of that camera isn't full yet so you'll have to wait for those. Expect everything you would expect from pictures from London. Seen the fact I only took pictures of the basic sight seeing stuff. 
We slept in an hostel and flew with ryanair so we went really low budget and spend all our money on shopping. And that's basically what we did on the first day. We flew to London, spend the entire day in Soho and on Oxford street. (Mainly Soho because secretly we are some real hipsters) We ate at macdonalds because we were very tired and that was just across the street. After that we went to our hostel and that was kind of the end of our day.
Second day we went to Camden Town which was really fun. And where I had my first bubble thee ever. That stuff is so weird! After checking out the market in Camden Town we went to hyde park where we at an ice cream. And then we just wandered around London, and saw every thing you kind of need to see when you are in Londen (big Ben, Tower Bridge, London eye, ect.) When we were tired we ate something at some cool burger restaurant and after that we took the underground to the train station. Where we took the train to the airport and there we spend the entire night waiting for our flight back. Enough talking enjoy the few pictures I took! X


I've been so obsessed with these pictures Steven Lippman shot for Malibu magazine. They are so pure, clean and minimalistic. Love love love love it! X