Hello there, you probably wondered where I was. Or if you haven't I won't blame you. I had some struggles lately. First of all the pressure of school just became a little bit too much for me. I started to doubt if maybe I started to soon with the living on my own, new city, new school, new people, my boyfriend and parents living on the other side of the country. Next to all that stuff I also started to feel very insecure about myself. Not only about my work but also about my looks. If you know me personally you I have eczema. When I was a child I had it really bad, but when puberty came my eczema disappeared almost completely. Now with all the stress of school it's back. And that's not really helping. Not at all actually. But the past few weeks I got a lot of support and love from the people around me. And I am finally starting to feel a lot better. So I hope you will for give me for not posting anything lately and I will not promise you that I will posting something very often now. But I will do my best, for now I just wanted to tell you what's going on. I mean that's what my blog is kind of for right? 

Have a great easter weekend by the way! xxx


I almost can't believe the photographer of these pictures picked up a camera for the first time just a year ago. The 22 year old Noell S. Oszvald makes the most incredible black and white pictures you should really check out more on her Flickr. She only posted a few but they are all stunning! xxx

I am so sorry for not posting anything lately, school isn't going very well and I don't feel great either so atm I mainly focussing on myself. I am sorry hopefully will I be better and back soon!


So after my little trip to Amsterdam on thursday, I went to Rotterdam on friday. This time not alone but with my mom. I really wanted to go to the Jean Paul Gaultier exposition and since my mom uses his perfume Classique for as long as I can remember, she really wanted to go with me. I only have one thing to say about it: absolutely incredible! If you have the chance to go you really should it is incredibly beautiful. I didn't want to spoil too much, so I chose these pictures just to give you an impression but there is so much more to see! xxx


Can you believe it is March al ready? Time flies, and so has my week off unfortunately. So as I told you I was going to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerpen this week. The original plan was to go to Amsterdam on tuesday with my boyfriend because I really wanted to see a exposition at the FOAM museum. But because the museum wasn't open on tuesday I had to go alone on thursday because my boyfriend had school then. I end up enjoying myself quite well. First I went to the museum which was a really big disappointment because the exposition that I went for wasn't there anymore. The other expositions were nice though but the museum is quite small so after an hour I saw everything (twice). So I had to entertain myself for about three hours. Which led to spending more money on clothing then the plan originally was. Made some pictures of Amsterdam. Did you know that it is almost impossible to make a nice picture of the central station in Amsterdam. I tried but it is impossible there is alway something in the way. Anyway I had a nice time even though I was on my own. Will show you some pictures of the exposition sometime later. And pictures of Rotterdam and Antwerpen of course. xxx