I had an amazing weekend in Antwerp! Will show you everything very soon. To make the wait easier for you, here is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artist atm: MØ. Have a great week, mine starts at 11:30 at the bijenkorf. And then on wednesday my internship continues, pretty excited about that although this (mini) holiday
was the best and I hate that it is already over!


Last Friday I went to Unseen, a photo fair in Amsterdam, with my boyfriend. It was the third edition and I have been there once before. Last year with my friend and her boyfriend.
Just like last year I saw some amazing things. But I thought the entree price was rather expensive.
And for me as poor student that's big disadvantage. Anyway I had a fun day and here are some of the pictures I took! Have a great week.


As I told you my boyfriend and I were busy planning a trip to London. But then we thought 'And what about Berlin, that could be fun as well.' Eventually we planned a trip to Antwerp! (Surprise!)
We'll leave next weekend on Saturday morning, do some shopping (I get to pick something for my birthday) and on Sunday we will visit the MOMU (fashion museum) and the FOMU (picture museum), and travel back home that evening. So I am really excited about that!
I have been to Antwerp once before. My friend had to take some pictures of the train station (so did I see a few here) and after that, we went shopping in the high street of Antwerp. This time we want to see some other places as well. 
So if you have any tips please let me know! 


Hej there, I am that girl that was super proud of the fact that she published something twice a week for a short period of time, and then disappeared for a month, again. I am so sorry, I just didn't feel like posting anything and when I felt like it again. I just didn't know what to write about. I still don't really know, but it was my birthday yesterday so I thought I should share that with you. 

I had a fun birthday. It is my sister's birthday next week so we celebrated both our birthdays on Saturday. After that a close friend of mine, my boyfriend and I went to the city to celebrate further. That was really fun, I saw some friends I haven't seen in a very long time, and all the people I have been hanging out lately were there as well. I had a wonderful time! I got a new beautiful MAC lipstick from my little sister and extra working space for my Macbook pro and a new raincoat from my parents! (I am wearing both in the picture) 

In the time that I was absent, my three weeks off have begun. Last week was the first one so two more to go. The plan for up coming week is work (I work at the Bijenkorf in Eindhoven, tomorrow you will find me at the shoe's department), the opening of a pop-up shop in Geleen, Unseen and a party on Saturday. So that's all nice as well. Life is looking brighter for me again, and I am ready to share it with you again. Even though (or mainly because) you're still invisible. Have a great week!