hej there. Here is another sign that I am still alive, sort of. I am enjoying my week off from school at the moment. I already did a lot of fun things, for example: I had a birthday party last saturday, celebrated queens night last night, went to the primark today and sort of celebrated queensday with my friends. Next to the fun things I already did. Are there also more fun things to look forward to. Like the fact that I am going to the zoo this thursday with my boyfriend. We're going to the zoo in Amersfoort, the zoo my mom, my nanny and her son always went to when I was about 3/4/5 years old. So when I say that I am super excited that would be a little bit of an understatement. And on friday I have an interview at MoBA to volunteer there this summer. An other thing that I am super excited for! Fingers crossed that they like me enough haha. Next to al those fun thing, I have also some school stuff I need to finish unfortunately. Anyway have a great week and speak to you soon! xxx


These pictures were taken for a school project. The concept behind them is that I am photographing people who give me a 'sunny feeling'. But I wanted to photograph them from this kind of angle because these people are so familiar to me that I don't need to see them entirely to recognize them.
This is only part one because I want to photograph some more people, like my sister and some other friends. But I wanted to show you these because up and until now I am quite happy with the way they turned out. Have a great sunday xxx


They are a little bit delayed, but here they finally are! The pictures I took, while I was in Antwerpen with two of my friends, of the amazingly beautiful train station. One of them actually had to take these for a school project so she asked if we would come with her. The day it self was really fun only the ending sucked because after a day shopping, the wallet of one of my friends got stolen in the mcdonalds. So that sucked big time.
By the way I am trying to upload more, but things still aren't the way they should be for me right now. Some real big changes are happening right now. So my focus is meanly on that. xxx


I think this shoot for Vogue Nippon by Lacey, Andrew Gallimore and Beth Fenton is really awesome. And thought you should see it haha. xxx


Can you believe it is april already and we only had like 3 sunny days up and until now! Today is quite sunny though but unfortunately I can't really enjoy it because I am sick in bed. Anyway I came a cross these amazing sunglasses of Spangled through fashion freaks. I love crazy sunglasses and these limited edition handmade sunglasses make my little materialistic heart beat a little bit faster. So everybody hands off the sunglasses with the pink dinosaurs those are mine! haha x