Favorite model + favorite kind of location for a shoot equals perfection. Iekeline Stange for Kerry Dean in the december issue of Raku Magazine. xxx


So I think I am breaking some kind of blogging law. Because these pictures are from the Graphic Design Festival in Breda where I went last summer with school. I was cleaning my laptop, because I have a shit load of pictures on my laptop that I am never used or going to use. So I also came across these, and thought why not share them. I am a week off from school and I have a lot of fun things to look forward to. Had a concert of lower than atlantis yesterday which was really awesome. And I am going a day to Amsterdam and a day to Rotterdam with my mom and than this weekend a day Antwerpen with two of my best friends. So there probably be some more recent pictures soon xxx


Dr. Martens shoes are defiantly in my list of obsessions. I only own two pair but I am really proud of them and there will be loads more in my closet in the future. Last year Agyness Deyn collaborated with Dr. Martens and this spring there will be a part two of this collaboration. I told you that I wanted a pair of black Dr. Martens sandals, but this collaboration made me second guess that because the new collections are so cute! Check out the video above every thing about it is so adorable. And it kind of makes me wish I was so awesome as Agyness Deyn. xxx


I've showed you my love for really old photography before (here, here) So when I came a cross these well I had to show them. They were made in the 1906's in Holland. It's amazing to see how people where dressed back then. I wish I could wear dresses like that in daily life. xxx


I rented a camera tripod at school for a project for school. And well I needed to test it right haha. I am actually really happy about the result though so I wanted to share them with you. xxx


Fabio Abecassis is a photographer I have been following on tumblr for quite a long time now. I just love his portrait photography. They are so clean. These pictures aren't the best example of his work. But I love them so much, they look so minimalistic and so interesting. And well the model is quite cute haha xxx


I have absolutely no idea what I am looking at, but it is so beautiful. These Pictures where taken by Lydia White an other great photographer I found thanks to the great people of booooooom.com xxx


Just saw the interview that VNA did with Miss Van here, and I just couldn't bare not to share some of her work with you. She is one of the many (graffiti) artists that I have been admiring for a while. I just love how her work looks so loose and jet so defined. You can check her work out on her site and the interview here. X


Well I am a bit late, but happy or merry or whatever Valentine's day! I do have a boyfriend but we didn't celebrate, because personally all those cliché presents like roses and teddy bears just give me chills. But this present from Marina and the Diamonds makes me very happy. You can download it for free here. xxxx


Don't worry I am not going back to the 'IhavenoinspirationsoIamjustfgoingtopostashitload ofinstagrampictures'-post. I just wanted to show you what I've been up to, because well I have been silent for a while. I spend the past few day's drinking, partying, sleeping more partying and of course dressing up.Yes, celebrating carnaval. Now I am back at school, being really tired and up sad that it is all over. Well only 7 days of school and then sleep for a week aka vacation. X


I saw these pictures on tumblr and I thought they were stunning. They are made buy the talented Ralph Mecke, who has a really annoying site because I could only find these pictures on tumblr (that's probably why the quality is so bad) and not there anyway you should check him out. xxx

ps; I saw the video in my last post is gone, and I can't find it anymore so I am really sorry. Once I find it, I will update the link


Yes I know this is the second post with a video in it in a row. But this one is completely different! Although I can watch both over and over and over again. Hurts is coming out with a new album (on friday) and that of course comes with a new music video. I always loved Hurts, they are so different not only in style but also in sound. I loooooove the video! xxx

ps have you guys noticed that I posted almost every day of last week. I am kind of proud of myself. Of course isn't always going to be like that. But I finally found the motivation to run my blog again with passion haha


Because a day without a few good, no great, looking men is a day wasted. God everything about this video is perfect. Made by the extreemly talented only 19 year-old Fanny Latour-Lambert. Happy sunday xxx


These pictures where taken in at the beginning of the 20th century Paris (France). Something that's really strange and rare because normally you mainly would find only black and white photography of these times. Having them in color they seem so much more realistic, for more you should check out this site xxx