Birds Of A Feather

I love these pictures, there all from here. The pictures are getting me excited for spring and summer again. Unfortunally it is still winter and cold and I'm still learning my ass of. Luckily it's al most christmas and new years eve. I'll spend christmas in Berlin, with my parents and little sister. We'll stay there for four days and I am really excited for it. Now I am going back to my math, only 2 exams to go and I am finally free! XO

You And I Were Born To Die

Amazing, sooo beautiful.. 

And It Might Be Wonderful

Only three days full of studying and then I can enjoy my holiday XO

Merry Chrismas, Kiss My Ass

looooove the song, hate the video.. 

But It Is Gone When Morning Comes

Sorry for my absence the past weeks, but school is literally killing me. So much to do, so few time, no drive at all doing it. I keep telling my self only a few months and then you will be done and go party and celebrate. With my diploma of course! A few months doesn't sound like a long time, which is good but also terrifying. Because in only a few months I must find a new school, I must have been accepted to this new school, my 'pws' has to be finished and I mustn't have failed my exams.. This al gives me stress, al of stress, especially because I lazy as fuck and I don't want to do anything for it.. But I'll survive.. at least I hope I'll survive. So you have to excuse me if I don't find time for this. On my 'pws' website I update more often (well, that's what I am suppose to do) so if you like to see that you should go to: It is in dutch, most of the time. But it more to watch than to read so maybe you'll like it! Hope to talk to you soon! XO

We Don't Care For Romance

I Feel Like I Am On Top Of The World With Your Love

pictures from Regal Rose

I am not really into jewelry, I have only a couple necklaces, load of cheap and ugly bracelets and one ring, which I don't wear because I think it is hideous and I don't wear earrings very often, don't have many of them ether. So jewelry is not something where I get really excited about. But when I came across Regal Rose even my heart skipped a beat. The jewelry and accessories they are selling are absolutely beautiful and also affordable. (which also isn't always the chase with jewelry) Regal Rose is created by twin sisters Rebecca en Louisa warwick. They started this web-shop because 'they couldn't find what they wanted on the high street, or online' Below some of my favorites!

"Now what's your style and who do you listen to?" Who cares!?

Just came back form a weekend Paris. It was wonderful but also killing and now I am deadly tiered.. The fact that I have school tomorrow doesn't make me feel any better. This song and video on the other hand do make me feel better.

There Is Simply Nothing Worse Than Knowing How It Ends

Here are a few things I bought in Amsterdam last tuesday and friday. I was there with my parents and sister, my dad had to be there for his job so we all went with him. Unfortunately I didn't went to the Monki store because my sister had to go to the Blond Amsterdam store which lies 30 minutes walking from the centrum so by the time we got there, my feet were killing me and there wasn't any more time left. So maybe next time. I am madly in love with these shoes, I never had dr Martens before and when I was little I thought they were the ugliest shoes ever made and now I love them. My sister still things they are ugly and my mom was afraid that I would turn in to a punker or gothic haha. I also bought a new pair trousers and a blue sweater. Next weekend I am going to Paris for 2 days again with my parent en sister for my mothers birthday. So that's something I am looking forward to, but first I have to survive another week of school, wish me luck with that!

A Brand New Start

Pictures are taken by a friend of mine for her school project.

One of the hardest things of a new blog is the first post. Well it doesn't have to be hard I could just start right a way. But it doesn't feel right to not introduce myself before I start. My name is Michelle, I am a 17 year old, from a town called Sittard, which is in the south of the Netherlands and isn't that interesting actually. I have big dreams about the future, just like every other 17 year old. I have been blogging in the past but nothing big or special. I still have another blog, which is for a school project (click). The reason why I created this site is for dropping things that inspirer me, like photo's, video's, music and, well actually everything I think is worth sharing. I am still in high school, but fortunately I will take my final exams this year. After high school I would like to learn for Graphic designer and my dreams job after that would be working at a magazine. I would prefer a big fashion magazine with the headquarter located somewhere in England. I really dislike a lot of things, but I also love many things. I eat almost everything, but I am not a great fan of Chines food and if I had to choose a favorite kind of food I would choose Italian, but that's something most people would I guess. I love reading, especially fantasy books, like the heart of ink or the Harry Potter books. But I don't like reading books more than ones. I like fantasy movies as well, but I also love historical movies like pride and prejudice, and I also like science fiction movies like star wars. In music I don't really have a particular genre that I like, I like al most everything. Someone ones said to me, that he thought that if you don't have a favorite music genre, you don't have a personality. That's bullshit if you ask me, because that would mean that I don't have a personality, which isn't true if you ask me. I could tell you many more stupid facts about me, like that I hate it when people scare me or that I am allergic to corn which means that I can't eat popcorn. But then I would be writing forever and no one is going to read that anyway. I don't blame anyone, I wouldn't read it either. I hope some people will enjoy my 'stuff' and I will talk to you later! XO