I Love Her Because She Moves In Her Own Way

Only three days left until Rock Werchter. I am suuuuuper excited, I really can't wait until it is thursday! Unfortunately before it is so far I have to work super early in the morning the next few days. But maybe the days will go by quicker that way. So until thursday I will listen to the kooks on my iPod, so I  am sure I know all their lyrics. I mean in what way else can I impress Luke Pritchard to be mine haha! Btw this is probably going to be the last time until I return from Werchter that I will be posting but after that I will be back with loads of pictures of Werchter. Have a lovely week! XX

Pretty Nails

Today I had a relax day, after the last few days I needed that. I slept till noon, cleaned my room and looked for rooms in Arnhem. Around 4 o'clock I went to the city with my parents and sister. We had to do some shopping for Rock Werchter, read: duct tape & batteries. (Only 4 days left!!!) And after that we went for dinner at an Australian restaurant. For graduating I also got a gift voucher from Douglas. So we also went there. I am not really a Douglas person, because everything is aways so expensive. But I figured I could buy nail polish for the voucher. Normally I would never spend 15 euros for nail polish but seem the fact that it was a gift and I fell in love with this color I figured that it couldn't do no harm. I am already wearing it and it is sooo beautiful. I wanted to make a picture of my nails but the pictures that I made didn't show how beautiful it really is so. I personally don't really get why I got the case with it and what the use of it is but whatever. XX

If We Had Our Way, We Would Do This Everyday

So it is official, yesterday I went to my high school for the last time. On monday I had to sign my diploma and yesterday was the graduation ceremony. It was quite nice but after 2 hours I was ready to go home, unfortunately it took 3 hours with all the boring talks and music breaks. After that I went to a party, only for an hour because I had the work today. 
Today the other book I got from my parents for graduating came with the mail. It is way bigger than I thought it was, but that's a good thing. I am super happy with it!
In the afternoon I went to DeWolff who played in the music machine. There I got the CD, that I got at my graduation party, signed. They played a couple songs of the new album and they were amazing! (as usual haha) 
Tonight I am going to two party's and tomorrow I am probably going to sleep all day and maybe look for a room in Arnhem. Have a lovely weekend! XX

So Happy I Could Die

It has been a while but that was because I was to buzzy partying (and working unfortunately). Because I am official graduated from high school!!! Last week the amazing news came and since then I can't stop smiling! Last Saturday evening was my graduation party, (7-8) I had a lovely evening! I got some lovely presents, a cake (4) en a picture painting (5) from my best friends and much money from family and friends. I also got one of the books I showed you here from my parents. The other one is still on his way to me. The book is even prettier than I at first thought and I am really happy with it. For my real graduation present must I wait until my parents went on holiday to the US. But I already feel like the happiest girl in the world. Hopefully we will look for a room in Arnhem really soon and of course hopefully will I find a nice room. XX

Walking On Clouds

I am in shoe haven! The black loafers came on saturday and the wedges came today. Stupid as the dutch weather is and as I am, the first time that I wore the loafers it started raining cats and dogs. But they will dry eventually. In the wedges I feel super tall, which is kind of an odd feeling. But they are soooo pretty, I probably won't wear them with black ties. But I was already wearing this dress and of course when they came in just had to wear them, and I am not taking them off haha. XX 

002: Fashionclash Maastricht

Here is part 2 of Fashionclash (part001). After the Fashionclash Expo we went to the market. This was also quite small but still lovely. Some brands/designers really appealed to me. There was also a little corner from FEE concept-store which is a vintage store that also is here in Sittard (where I live, probably the only vintage store). 

Lula Magazine

pictures by me
Well I had to wait about a week for it, it cost me about 3 times what I would normally pay for a magazine. But it is soooo beautiful, every issue has the most beautiful photography and lovely interviews. This are some of my favorites. But to be honest I love everything in it haha. XX

001: Fashionclash Maastricht

So as I told you I want to Fashionclash in Maastricht today. We (my mom and I) went to the Fashionclash expo (picture) and to the market. We didn't go to shows because we decided today (last minute) to go. (I kind of forgot it was this weekend) And today there were only shows in the evening so we decided not to go. I don't really regret it because I think I would feel awkward and I rather see things set up than walking past me I guess..
Anyway I really loved it and I am happy we decided to go anyway. Below some pictures of the expo I will show you some of the designers that I really liked at the market in another post. XX

pictures are by me, unfortunately I don't have the names of the designers sorry for that.

Robot Dress

Red cardigan, H&M; Robot dress, Zara; Nail polish, H&M

Here are the other things I bought when I went to Maastricht with my mom for shoe hunt. I really like the cardigan because it is a little bit oversized what I love. I am madly in love with the robot dress, I mean it has a perfect collar and who doesn't like little robots? I saw a review of these nail polishes on veracamilla, where they seem to be really lovely so I took them with me as well. 
Today I was in Maastricht again, but this time not to shop but for fashion clash. If you ever been to the Arnhem Mode Biƫnnale, it is something like that but smaller. Will show you my photo's later today! XX

Hey, I Bought Some New Shoes

And suddenly everything feels right! Today was a good day, I went to Maastricht with mom after work. The main reason why we went was because I really wanted some new loafers (and of course I just needed some shopping time) Well eventually I found the perfect ones at invito. But of course didn't have my size, fortunately they could order it for me. So they will deliver them monday or tuesday, yay! I showed you the orange wedges from Zara before here. This time I actually tried them on, but my mom had to think about it. So you can guess how our conversations start from now on. ("hey mom have you decided yet?" "hey mom you know what would look really nice with this? Those orange wedges!") I know where my first salary is going to, hihi. I will show all my other percases really soon to you! XX

p.s: The Lula magazine has finally arrived today, and it was totally the wait (and money) worth it! <3

Take Me To The Garden Of Paradise

As you can see, did I made a new banner. I wasn't planning on doing it but I was bored yesterday so me and photoshop had some time together. I made the picture above first, where I made a banner from later. But the quality was really bad when I uploaded it. So I made this new banner today (the quality sucks again but whatever) 
Yesterday I slept till noon and after that I did nothing special and today was my first day at my summer job. It wasn't really spectacular because it was my first day so everything was new. Hopefully will everything go better tomorrow. Now I am going to enjoy the rest of my day! XX

I'd Run Away, He's In My Dreams

So of course more happened to me lately than a cat dress. Since the moment my vacation started I had a 100 thing that I had to do. Well maybe not a 100 but it felt that way so. First of all, my exams went well and I check them all and if my calculations are correct I am graduated! Unfortunately I have to wait until 14 June to be completely sure. 
 2. Also the past few days were pretty hectic at home. My mom ordered a new floor so our complete living room had to be empty before last tuesday. And the night of wednesday to thursday we couldn't get in the house and we slept at my grandparents. Now it is saturday and the floor is done and all the furniture is back in the living room fortunately. 
3. On wednesday we had to get out of the house early (for the floor) so I went to the gym with my mom for the first time since september. After that we had lunch and then I went to a friend who had a day off. And she entertained me the rest of the day. Later in the evening I went to the movie Dark Shadow's with friends. I thought it was a nice movie, but not one of the best Tim Burton movies.
4. Thursday I went to the hair dresser, who cut my hair way to short. At fist I really hated it, but now I am getting used to it. After that I spend the rest of the day inviting people for my graduation party and cleaning my room (boring, haha) 
5. Yesterday I went to 'hoogstaten' where I am going to work during the holidays. I am starting monday and we (the friend I am going to work with and me) got a little tour and a small introduction about the work we're going to do. After that I spend the rest of the day reading the last book of the hunger games trilogy. I started around 11 o'clock and finished it around 7. After that I read them all, I liked the first book the most. In the evening I went out for dinner with my parents and sister. When we got home we moved all our furniture back inside. And then I went to the city for a drink with my friends

So that what I've been doing this week. Today I've hockey and in the evening I am going out with some friends to a party called proud 2b fout, which I am really excited about! Have a wonderful weekend! XX