But It Is Gone When Morning Comes

Sorry for my absence the past weeks, but school is literally killing me. So much to do, so few time, no drive at all doing it. I keep telling my self only a few months and then you will be done and go party and celebrate. With my diploma of course! A few months doesn't sound like a long time, which is good but also terrifying. Because in only a few months I must find a new school, I must have been accepted to this new school, my 'pws' has to be finished and I mustn't have failed my exams.. This al gives me stress, al of stress, especially because I lazy as fuck and I don't want to do anything for it.. But I'll survive.. at least I hope I'll survive. So you have to excuse me if I don't find time for this. On my 'pws' website I update more often (well, that's what I am suppose to do) so if you like to see that you should go to: YOUTH-pws.blogspot.com It is in dutch, most of the time. But it more to watch than to read so maybe you'll like it! Hope to talk to you soon! XO