Finally Eighteen!

dress H&M divided

Hello there! I am now talking to you as a adult, seen the fact that I turned 18 last friday! I had a great birthday! Of course I had to go to school on friday, but I treated everyone on cake and everybody was really nice to me! Friday evening I went home and when I was home my friends were there and we ate more cake! Saturday I spend most of the time doing my homework. And in the evening I went out, I haven't had so much fun in a really long time! Talked to many people, drank al lot and danced the entire night. 
Now week three on the art academy has started. And of course I am swimming in homework. But fortunately we have a day off this tuesday. Well not really a day off, because we must go to the graphic festival in Breda. But I call it a day off because it is fun and we don't have to go to school. So I am excited about that. And then this weekend Breakfest (a festival) and my sisters and my birthday for family and friends!
Bought the dress yesterday, I had a week moment and had to shop! Also bought some socks for in my new shoes (with dots, they are really cute!) which I got from my mom for my birthday (and my driving lessons + license) Have a great week! XX