The Life Of A Art Student

Don't you just hate all those lazy bloggers that give you an instagram update every freaking week. I feel your pain, and I am so sorry that I am putting you through this. I am crazy busy, I am trying to have a social life, be good at school and sleep. And that already kind of impossible. So blogging isn't really my priority right now. Don't worry I am not stopping blogging, I love it to much to stop. But just don't be to mad at me if I am quiet for a while and then when I find the time I only give you some instagram pictures. 
Pictures 1, 3, 7 and 8 show somethings school is putting me through haha. Picture 2 shows my precious Bullett magazine. It is sooo pretty, my sister gave me a subscription on this magazine for my birthday. The 4th picture shows my new perfume, Marc Jacobs' daisy. I wanted this perfume since the moment I knew it excited (without even smelling it, it looks so pretty) but I thought it was a little expensive. But after carving for it so long, I finally decide to buy it anyway and I couldn't be more happy with it. I went to LeLe (picture 5) on saturday, which was really fun. A little bit short but still really awesome. And last but defiantly not least, my new cat watch. I loveeee it, a while a go I saw it on asos. And when I finally decided to buy it, it was sold out. But it got back in stock and now it is finally mine <3
The rest of my weekend is going to be full with homework and party's. Have a lovely weekend! XX