hej there. Here is another sign that I am still alive, sort of. I am enjoying my week off from school at the moment. I already did a lot of fun things, for example: I had a birthday party last saturday, celebrated queens night last night, went to the primark today and sort of celebrated queensday with my friends. Next to the fun things I already did. Are there also more fun things to look forward to. Like the fact that I am going to the zoo this thursday with my boyfriend. We're going to the zoo in Amersfoort, the zoo my mom, my nanny and her son always went to when I was about 3/4/5 years old. So when I say that I am super excited that would be a little bit of an understatement. And on friday I have an interview at MoBA to volunteer there this summer. An other thing that I am super excited for! Fingers crossed that they like me enough haha. Next to al those fun thing, I have also some school stuff I need to finish unfortunately. Anyway have a great week and speak to you soon! xxx