On 6 and 7 november my classmates and I went to Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival. Playgrounds is a festival for innovative and creative digital arts. It is actually three days, in Tilburg, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. It was a really amazing experience, very inspiring. I am glad they made us go both days even though it were really long days full of listening. The three presentations I liked most were Genevieve Gauckler, Marcus Wendt of FIELD and Polynoid. The last one was definitely my favorite. Polynoid. Not only their work, but also their presentation. They talked about how they started, from art school up until where they are at now. They showed us a lot of their progress but I still have no clue how they made their animations. It is just so amazing. Loom is their graduation project and represents their style amazingly. You should really check it out below: