Quite often I find myself on other blogs. You might say too often, but anyway that is not the point. And every now and then I want to read more of them, so I hunt through the interwebs looking for some new inspirational blog's to follow. But as we all know there is a lot of crap in the world of the interwebs. So during that hunt I often think, I can do this like a thousand times better. (Yeah I know, I'm very humble) So I keep asking myself why aren't you blogging if you can do this so much better?! 
Well the truth is, it is harder than it looks! You have to put a lot of energy into a (good) blog, and we all know I am the laziest! You got to have a lot of inspiration. I mean you got to keep the people that read your blog interested. And give them a reason to keep coming back. That's not really happing here is it. I only blog like ones every two months, and the things I write are only interesting for me to read. That works for some blog's of course, but not really for mine. 

So Michelle what are you going to do about this mess you have created? I have no clue! I am not gonna make any promises, because if you don't make any there are no expectations. (win for me, not really for anyone els) But I really really really want to try again, (maybe a new layout will help, maybe not) I just really need to figure out what I want this to go. I mean, I have enough time next to my internship, so that's no excuse. I even get mad at myself because I feel so bored (but like all the time!) I should get a hobby that takes some of my spare time away, but not to much. (blogging?) And a hobby that doesn't cost any money. (or what about blogging!) And I can put all that urge to do something creative (blogging!!!!!1!) 

So I guess this means here is to a sort of start to a sort of new beginning, that I am not promising of course! Because that would create expectations. Oh well at least I got nice new haircut and a nice button in the time I was away.