HAPPY NEW YEAR! Maybe a bit to late, but that is kind of my style anyway so. My excuse this time is that I've been spending the last few days of 2014 and the first few days of 2015 in Berlin! I had an incredible time! Hang out with the best people, drank a lot of beer and saw places I had never been before. A wonderful start for a new year.
Like everyone else I don't really believe in new years resolutions but I still kind of make them and call them new year goals. I guess they are pretty standerd but I am going to share them with you anyway.

1. Take care of myself
A quite logic one, yet a difficult one for me. This means of course eat more fruit and vegetables and exercise more. But more importantly fixing my personal problems like my concentration problem and stop freaking out about almost everything. Be more chill, that would be nice.

2. Work hard and earn some credit for it
Working hard is something I always do, but this year it's time to earn some money for my hard work. Berlin was an expensive trip and it it time I start saving for my next school.

3. Learn more about the world 
Travel more, read more, watch more documentaries, listen to other people, visit talks, etc. 2015 is the year that I turn 21, so it's time to learn more about live. 

That's about it, 3 goals and a billion ways to do them. I am excited about 2015, let's make the best of it!