Meet the most expensive part of my Berlin trip, the Dr. Martens Flora Boots aka my new favorite pair of shoes! I've wanted a pair of boots like these for ever, but every (cheaper) pair I tried where to slim for my feet. When I saw these for the first time I immediately fell in love and I just had to have them. I've always been obsessed with Dr. Martens! The shoes are just my style and the quality is just amazing. One of my friends now wears a pair of Dr. Martens her mom wore when her mom was her age and the shoes still look great! I even got life long insurance with these boots. So when I somehow manage to break them, they will sent me a new pair of boots!1!! What more could you want in a boot! 
( I also bought a book named 'Design as Art' by Bruno Munari. So that I can start with my 'learn more about the world' goal for 2015