A Brand New Start

Pictures are taken by a friend of mine for her school project.

One of the hardest things of a new blog is the first post. Well it doesn't have to be hard I could just start right a way. But it doesn't feel right to not introduce myself before I start. My name is Michelle, I am a 17 year old, from a town called Sittard, which is in the south of the Netherlands and isn't that interesting actually. I have big dreams about the future, just like every other 17 year old. I have been blogging in the past but nothing big or special. I still have another blog, which is for a school project (click). The reason why I created this site is for dropping things that inspirer me, like photo's, video's, music and, well actually everything I think is worth sharing. I am still in high school, but fortunately I will take my final exams this year. After high school I would like to learn for Graphic designer and my dreams job after that would be working at a magazine. I would prefer a big fashion magazine with the headquarter located somewhere in England. I really dislike a lot of things, but I also love many things. I eat almost everything, but I am not a great fan of Chines food and if I had to choose a favorite kind of food I would choose Italian, but that's something most people would I guess. I love reading, especially fantasy books, like the heart of ink or the Harry Potter books. But I don't like reading books more than ones. I like fantasy movies as well, but I also love historical movies like pride and prejudice, and I also like science fiction movies like star wars. In music I don't really have a particular genre that I like, I like al most everything. Someone ones said to me, that he thought that if you don't have a favorite music genre, you don't have a personality. That's bullshit if you ask me, because that would mean that I don't have a personality, which isn't true if you ask me. I could tell you many more stupid facts about me, like that I hate it when people scare me or that I am allergic to corn which means that I can't eat popcorn. But then I would be writing forever and no one is going to read that anyway. I don't blame anyone, I wouldn't read it either. I hope some people will enjoy my 'stuff' and I will talk to you later! XO