There Is Simply Nothing Worse Than Knowing How It Ends

Here are a few things I bought in Amsterdam last tuesday and friday. I was there with my parents and sister, my dad had to be there for his job so we all went with him. Unfortunately I didn't went to the Monki store because my sister had to go to the Blond Amsterdam store which lies 30 minutes walking from the centrum so by the time we got there, my feet were killing me and there wasn't any more time left. So maybe next time. I am madly in love with these shoes, I never had dr Martens before and when I was little I thought they were the ugliest shoes ever made and now I love them. My sister still things they are ugly and my mom was afraid that I would turn in to a punker or gothic haha. I also bought a new pair trousers and a blue sweater. Next weekend I am going to Paris for 2 days again with my parent en sister for my mothers birthday. So that's something I am looking forward to, but first I have to survive another week of school, wish me luck with that!