An Update On Life

If there was an award for worst blogger ever, I would definitely with out doubt win it. I have a huge list of excuses, but the main reason is because I am lazy as fuck. This doesn't mean that I didn't do anything lately. Because the opposite is true. But when I had nothing to do, I took that opportunity with both hands and did absolutely nothing. School is, as usual, killing me with al kinds of exams and tasks. And when a exam or tasks is done they already have made up something new. But guess that's all part of graduating. Next to all the exams of high school, I am also quite busy with applying to art school. Yesterday I went to the KABK in Den Haag. I really liked it there, which makes me doubt at the moment, because I really wanted to go to ArtEZ in Arnhem, but I am not sure about that any more now that I went to KABK. This friday I have my first applying test in Arnhem. I am not really nervous, more excited for it. So that's a good thing. Further I finally done with my 'profiel werkstuk' the magazine that I made, is online since tuesday and you can watch it here. I really enjoyed working on it, but I am also really glad that it's done. I think I update you about everything that's going on in my life at the moment. The pictures are taking in Berlin by the way, I was there during christmas with my parents and sister. I must go now, but I promise I am going to try to be a better blogger. I am trying, if I am going to succeed at it is something we both don't know. But at least I am trying! XO