Do You Want To See The World?

If you don't think this is the most beautiful global ever, you're blind or you obviously don't have any taste at all. I mean first of all it has butterfly's all over it. That's could be enough to convince me that I should have it. But there is more! This global is a ImagineNations, which means it's a global that is customized by hand with recycled materials by Wendy Gold on a vintage global, therefore not two will be exactly the same. Unfortunately this global cost about 600 dollar, which is a little bit out of my budget. But if someone would like to give is to me, who am I to say no hahaha. Wendy has made many more beautiful globals, which you can see on her website here there you will find also her do-it-self kits, so you could customize you own global for only 25 dollars. So that's definitely worth checking out! XX