002: London's Damage

1. Nail polish; Primark, 2x £2,50 2. dress; new look, £25 & Sleeveless denim jacket; Topshop, £35 3. Golden watch; Urban Outfitters, £18 4. dress; H&M, £19.99 5. 'The Polaroid book'; Urban Outfitters £8.99

Like I promised my shopping treasures from London. I forested myself to go to shops that they don't have here in Holland. I did not completely succeed at that, because the h&m is and stays my weak spot. And of course we visited some other shops that we have here in Holland. But because they aren't near to where I live, it is ok haha. I am really happy with the things I bought. Even though I didn't buy new sunglasses or shoes like I thought I would. XX