Can you believe it is March al ready? Time flies, and so has my week off unfortunately. So as I told you I was going to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerpen this week. The original plan was to go to Amsterdam on tuesday with my boyfriend because I really wanted to see a exposition at the FOAM museum. But because the museum wasn't open on tuesday I had to go alone on thursday because my boyfriend had school then. I end up enjoying myself quite well. First I went to the museum which was a really big disappointment because the exposition that I went for wasn't there anymore. The other expositions were nice though but the museum is quite small so after an hour I saw everything (twice). So I had to entertain myself for about three hours. Which led to spending more money on clothing then the plan originally was. Made some pictures of Amsterdam. Did you know that it is almost impossible to make a nice picture of the central station in Amsterdam. I tried but it is impossible there is alway something in the way. Anyway I had a nice time even though I was on my own. Will show you some pictures of the exposition sometime later. And pictures of Rotterdam and Antwerpen of course. xxx