Hej there, I know it has been forever and then I am showing up with some lame ass instagram pictures you already saw three times. But well this is the best way to show you what I've been up to lately. I have been craaaazy busy. Like I told you I went to the zoo with my boyfriend, which was really fucking awesome. (1+2) And also a looot smaller that I could remember haha. But it was awesome to be there. Also went to Mama's pride, af local festival that is always during mothersday. (3+4)  The weather was typical dutch, really fucking bad and it was raining cats and dogs the entire time. But I had a really great time anyway. After that the only thing I was doing was school, school, school, more school, working, school and somewhere between school and work some sleep (5+6). Also went to the first information night of the MoBA, which was really awesome! (7) It's going to be so great so you should all come. Tomorrow is finally the day that I am going to see everything live haha. And after that I am finally going to Rock Am Ring, a Rock Festival in Germany. AND I AM SOOO FREAKING EXCITEDDDDD!!!! Finally some really fun times! During festival-stuff-shopping I bumped into these heels at H&M. (8) And secretly fell in love with them. I didn't buy them but if I have some money left after RaR they will be mine asap! 
Last but not least, more school news. As I told you here was school making me feel really insecure about myself, which had bad consequences for my skin and health. So after a lot of talking with my parents and my dean I decided to stop with my study. It was a hard decision but I am really glad I made it. To say I feel ALOT better is an understatement. I am relieved! I find it quite difficult to explane in Englisch what I am going to do next, but to say it easy I will continue studying Graphic Design only on a lower 'level'? I had to do two intakes for the second one I had to make an collage about my self (9) and got in! The only question left right now is will I start in the first year or in the second. Excited things to happen in the future! Talk to you sooner than the last time! X