Happy birthday to meeee! Last saturday was (finally) my nineteen birthday! I had a great time. On the evening before I celebrated my birthday in Eindhoven with my closed friends. We ate a lot (thanks mom) and chatted a lot and after that I went partying with two of them. After some sleep from 6 am till 12 o'clock I went home to my parents, sister and boyfriend. Got my presents and in the evening my boyfriend took me out for dinner (he really spoiled me). I am still getting some presents. My sister's birthday is next saturday so we're also celebrating my birthday then for our family. So then I am getting more presents and also from my friends from Arnhem this thursday. Sunday I went to Utrecht with a friend and her boyfriend. There was an exposition of some recently graduated art school students. It was really awesome to see, but not a very big exposition. I also got my ears pierced for a second time, also a present for my birthday. So I actually had an really great weekend! And more for days to look forward to. Talk to you soon! X 

ps1 if you're wondering why there is an picture of me with an vacuum cleaner, I got it for my birthday so I obviously had to show it to my friends haha!
ps2 I stopt twitter a while ago, because personal reasons, but since then instagram is my number one addiction, follow me!