picture is 'created' by me, pictures I used to make it, are from tumblr
Hej! Here is an other sight of life from me. I have been quite busy with living. You know having fun and not only work, school, work, work and work. Moved in my new room (will show you pictures very soon!) started a new school, already had my first dead line! We had to make a movie, I am not really happy with the end result (could have done a much better job) but if you want to see it you can check it here out. Apart from the going to school and starting a new life is it my nineteenth birhtday next saturday!! Really excited for that c: On friday I am having a party for my close friends and on saturday (my birthday) I am just going to chill with my parents, little sister and boyfriend. Fun times, and quite curious what I am getting. Have a great week! X