Well I am not really the type that likes to share her taste in music. Mainly because ever since I start developing some kind of 'taste' in music. I've had the feeling that people put so much pressure on what kind of music you like. Is it interesting enough, is het different enough, or is it too different. And let's be honest how horrible is the question: "so what kind of music do you listen to?" Uhm I don't know, I like rock, but then again what is rock these days. And than I am obsessed with Maria Mena, Lianna La Havanas and Oh land. I am also crazy in love with All Time Low and A Day To Remember. And to leave people more confused, I also listen to Tyler, The creator and Destiny's Child. So instead of telling people what genre music I like, I just tell them some bands I listen to. Preferably the ones they don't know. So they can't judge me and kind of have no clue what I am talking about. Enough talking, now just enjoy these two amazing bands. The acoustic version of 'Do I wanna know' of the Arctic Monkeys (Alex, please please please marry me) and 'The Wire' by HAIM. Have a lovely weekend! X