"Yeah I really want to post at least something every month." God I am so horrible at keeping my blogging promises. I am sorry, but I have such a busy school life. And if I am not having a super busy school life, I try to have a social life. And if I am not doing one of those things, I am just the laziest girl in the world. So just to keep you sort of updated, here is a little peak in my life. 

(left to right, top to bottom) 1// March started with the best holiday of the year (also the most expensive one) Carnaval! I had such a blast with my best friend 2// I spend most of carnaval dressed as the cutes panda bear you have ever seen. Unfortunately there aren't really pictures of that. 3// Gave my boyfriend the most awesome face tribal tattoo, he looked so handsome and I found another thing that I am good at. 4// Carnaval in Maastricht, best times. 5// Went shopping with my mom and little sister in Eindhoven. 6// The first real poster I designed, it was for the opening of a new store (SMAAK) in Geleen. 6// a picture of my mom, my sister and me at the opening of SMAAK 7// Went to the opening of Volt a pop stage in my home town. 8// Spring, sun, weekend, ice cream and happy me! 9// Picture of my best friend and me last night. 10// we went to a band contest and had some more drinks afterwards. 11// Went to the hair dresser again! So I had a good reason to take a #selfie haha

So that is basically what happend to me in March. This is only the fun stuff I did though. Most of the time I am doing stuff for school. But only one week left and then I have two weeks off. And after that I start my internship at RenS in Eindhoven. Pretty excited about that! I can't promise you when I am blogging again. But make sure you follow me on instagram if you want to be updated about my 'pretty boring sometimes fun' lifeX