Last week I went to the Fashion Clash Festival in Maastricht. I've been there before (two years ago, you can even read about that here and here). And even though it was small back then, I really liked it. Last year I couldn't go, but this year I heard about it just on time. So my friend and I decided to go. 

We went on saturday and when we got there around 2 o'clock there was nothing. Apparently they weren't open until 4 o'clock. Which I think is really stupid, saturday is the most busy day for a city like Maastricht. Unfortunately this wasn't the only thing I thought was disappointing. Two years ago they had a market where they sold designer pieces and vintage. This year the only things I went to were the concept store in the city. Which was 'ok' but not really inspiring. And we went tot the market where they sold clothing from young designers. I really did not like it there. The designers all looked sooo bored and made my feel super uncomfortable. They looked at me as if they knew I wasn't going to buy anything, and I knew I wasn't buying anything. So I kind of stayed away from what they sold.

The free exhibition was really small. But I guess that's what you get when you go to a free exhibition. It was inspiring though. So not really a disappointment but still. The pictures below are all from the exhibition. We also went to one of the shows. It was the Graduation Fashion Design MAFAD show. They showed the collection of 4 graduated student from the art academy in Maastricht, Milou van Esch, Dusty Thomas, Gelena Roizen and Lara Beckmann. This was actually pretty cool, I tried to make some pictures but they all turned out blurry but you can see them on the fashion clash website.

Eventually I had a great day with Roxanne, but I am not sure if I will attend the Fashion Clash Festival event again. Maybe if I have a nice person to go with and nothing else to do that weekend. 
Anyway enjoy the pictures I did take!