I always forget how wonderful it is to visit other places. Over the next few post I will tell you a bit about my trip to Antwerp last weekend. It was the best and I definitely think I should do city trip like this more often. If only I had my driving license, that would make everything so much easier.

On Saturday we took the train at 8:49 am in Boxtel and we arrived in Antwerp at 10:15 am.
When we got off the train the search for a map begon and after that the search for our hostel. After we checked in, we left for some lunch and a already well deserved coffee. We had lunch at a cute fifties/sixties inspired place called Cafématic. I had a smoked salmon sandwich served with cream cheese, and it was the best.

After that we wandered around the city and had a not so little shopping spree. I got to pick some stuff for my birthday and sometimes I have the feeling that I need to spoil myself. And I felt like that this weekend. I will show you the stuff I got later!

After shopping we ate chicken at Peri Peri chicken and we went groceries shopping. 
For beers for the evening and breakfast for in the morning (of course). 
Around 11:00 pm we went to a party near the river which was nice. Around 01:00 am we went back to our hostel. We actually wanted to go to another party but we didn't have enough cash to pay the entrance tickets. So we went home, after all we had a quite long and exhausting day!

Well there you have it, our first day in Antwerp in extreem detail! Have a nice weekend!