My last weekend off is almost over. Next week the Dutch Design Week starts in Eindhoven. During the DDW you will find me at studio rENs, where I did my internship the past 6 months. So please come visite us if you're going to the DDW! 

Anyway I spend my last weekend off before the DDW storm doing absolutely nothing. I watched the movie 'The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' with my boyfriend and I absolutely loved it! 
Also I am obsessed with this band called 'Years & Years'. The lead singer is called Olly Alexander and you might know him from the last season of Skins, or the movie God Help the Girl. (haven't seen this one myself is it any good?) I must admit I have a little crush, he is just so odd and kind of awkward but also kind of sexy. Anyway their music is so good! (check that out down below.)

So that's what has been keeping me busy the last 48 hours and tomorrow I will only eat, breath and dream (about) the Dutch Design Week! Talk to you soon.