Literally Stu'dying'

Why isn't this over jet! I am sooooo done with studying for my finals. It is the only thing I do next to eating and sleeping. As you probably can guess, that means that I have no time at all for my blog. Which really sucks because I am really into it lately, well I am into everything that is not studying. So I hope you forgive me. I will be trying to post some things now and then, but seen the fact that I don't do a lot of exciting things, it will mainly include things I am longing for to have. (clothes, watches, shoes, books (yes more books) camera's, more shoes etc.) Because every time I have a little study break I am on the internet searching for new thing that I want to have but I don't have any money for (I hate being broke) 
I am sorry I am whining about everything! It is only 3 weeks die hard working and then 4 months partying!! XX