The Fun Part Of Life

pictures by my friends, my sister and me

As you know I am in my finals right now. I already had three exams and only four more to go. As I told you before my days before the exams I spend all day studying. Luckily I did get some fresh air before the finals start. The sunday before my first exams it was mothers day, my sister and I bought some presents for her, I drew a card and my sister baked a cake. Every year during mothers day (and the evening before) there is a festival in Geleen where I went to for the second time. My parents only let me go on the sunday for a couple hours, so I didn't see many bands. And today was Ascension day, and there was a festival in a small town near where I live so I also went there with a couple friends. The weather was on both days amazing and I had a really lovely time! Makes me even more excited for Rock Werchter! But first I have to finish these exams :c XX