Oh Zara My Beloved Friend

1. Dress: 79.95; 2. Sweater: 39.95; 3. Dress: 39.95; 4. Blouse: 49.95; 5. Short: 27.95; 6. Blouse: 39.95; 7. Dress: 49.95; 8. Wedges: 39.95; 9. Wedges: 39.95

The Zara webshop is a lovely place on the internet. But of course you all know that haha. Yesterday I pict some pieces from the webshop that I really like. Because today I went to Maastricht with my mom and sister and of course we also went into Zara. In the Zara I only bought the orange sweater from this wish list. But I also bought some other things at other shops, that I will show you of course very soon. I spend the rest of the day studying for my exams unfortunately. I really can't wait until it is the 30th of may then my exams will be finally over. XX