Agyness Deyn X Dr. Martens

Guess who's back! Pukkelpop was awesome and also really really really hot. Which made me also very lazy haha. The result of being lazy is that I have 9 photo's left before I can develop the photo's form my disposal camera. 
Any ways you maybe heard about it (or you haven't) but Agyness Deyn collaborated with Dr. Martens. I must admit the clothing is even for my a little bit to punk. But I sure love the creepers! Check out the collection on the Dr. Martens site. I also pict some of my other favorite Dr. Martens shoes. I own one black pair, the reason that it is only one pair is because my mom absolutely hates them. I al most bought  the sandals, but I think I wait until summer next year with that. (fingers crossed that they still sell them next year) XX