I Am Always Up With You

Here is a small update on life, I have been so busy lately! Mainly with preparations for my room in Arnhem. We came up with the idea of a bed of pallets for my new room. So my mom got me four pallets and I got the task to sand and paint all four (01 + 05). Sounded easier than it was done. It took me six days spread over two weeks but they are finally done (06). Today I made a map of my room and the furniture I picked out from the IKEA website (08). Just so I was sure everything is going to fit. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to get the keys, we are bringing the pallets with us and there will be some IKEA shopping as well. Furthermore did I finally get my iPhone! (03) I am super happy with it and I immediately went to the premium seller here to get a case for it (04). I also started photographing more food on instagram, (07) so if you want to see more of that (and other photo's) check out my instagram. (@mnej) Now I am of to bed, because tomorrow is going to be a long day. Have a lovely week! XX