Hello. As promised my London pictures, I also made some pictures with my disposable camera. But the film roll of that camera isn't full yet so you'll have to wait for those. Expect everything you would expect from pictures from London. Seen the fact I only took pictures of the basic sight seeing stuff. 
We slept in an hostel and flew with ryanair so we went really low budget and spend all our money on shopping. And that's basically what we did on the first day. We flew to London, spend the entire day in Soho and on Oxford street. (Mainly Soho because secretly we are some real hipsters) We ate at macdonalds because we were very tired and that was just across the street. After that we went to our hostel and that was kind of the end of our day.
Second day we went to Camden Town which was really fun. And where I had my first bubble thee ever. That stuff is so weird! After checking out the market in Camden Town we went to hyde park where we at an ice cream. And then we just wandered around London, and saw every thing you kind of need to see when you are in Londen (big Ben, Tower Bridge, London eye, ect.) When we were tired we ate something at some cool burger restaurant and after that we took the underground to the train station. Where we took the train to the airport and there we spend the entire night waiting for our flight back. Enough talking enjoy the few pictures I took! X