Hej there! So I have to many pictures to show you. First of all I still need to show you all the pictures of MoBA and then there is London. (which was sooo cool and made me sooo broke haha) And than there are so many awesome things on the internet that are just worth sharing with you. But the fact is that I don't want to talk about the MoBA anymore. It is over, it was there for so long and I am kind of happy it is over. Because now I have so much more spare time to do stuff I actually want to do. So if it is oke with you I kind of want to skip that part. If you really want to see my pictures you can check out my portfolio site, I have posted some pictures there and there will be more probably. Just not very soon, I just feel like it's holding me back from posting things and that's a pity. London pictures on the other hand will be online very soon! In the mean time check out this Chandelier Tree. It is so magical! Have a lovely week! XX

ps If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I am posting very little, the reason there fot is that my iPhone died in very heavy rainy weather last week.