I Am Singing Along Like There's No Tomorrow

Hello dears, I thought that looking at the things I bought was getting boring. (I personally think it is) So instead you can watch my face, yay (or not) The past few days were quite boring. No they were extremely boring. Starting off by being sick after Rock Werchter. Then my face still looked like a mess for the rest of the week. And I worked my ass off and did almost nothing fun or with people that where out of my 'liefdespoel' (three best friends) Of course I did some fun thing, well one fun thing. A thing I have been doing waaaaay to much lately: shopping! I did it so much lately, especially for a person that has spend most of the past year studying for tests and sleeping and partying if I wasn't studying, that I am actually sick of it. I bought too many clothes, shoes and sunglasses lately that I started to buy new make-up. Something I do rarely. Bought my very first mac product ever: eyeliner (of course) so that's kind of special (I think) Further noting special happened, well apart from the fact that I finally found a room in Arnhem! I am soo happy with it! The house is actually quite small but the room is 22 M2. Which then again is quite big. On 6 august I will get the keys and then I can start decorating! I am of course really excited about that, but also scared to death. The hole living on your own thing is starting to come really close now.
Anyway, I will spend the rest of my week working, sleeping and hopefully partying. Have a lovely week! XX