Call Me When You Get This

Hej, it has been a while. But of course I already have made up loads of excuses for that. Mainly the fact that I had no inspiration what so ever. Last week I just got up in the morning, went to work, came home did nothing, eat, went to bed, started that over again. But luckily I have a week off, and I am spending it working on the pallets for my bed (the bed I am going to sleep on in Arnhem) Tomorrow I can finally start painting them! Thanks to the pallets I also got sunburned really bad. But that's okay because hopefully it will turn in to a tan.. some day. By the way, the hair of the girl on the sixth pictures is amazing! I wish I could that with my hair, but unfortunately I have brown curly hair. But a girl can dream right. Have a lovely week, hopefully the sun will continue shining here in the Netherlands! <3