I Am A Good Friend And An Excellent Lover

Yesterday after work I had to clean my room because it was a real mess. After that I got bored which lent to these (and more) pictures. I love being in my room, I spend most of my time there on my laptop. If you want to see more of my room, just ask I have enough material atm so haha. 
Anyway, thank god it's friday which means weekend! Time for a party right! Have a lovely weekend! XX

ph001: my make-up table (the mirror is hidden) with a lot of stuff like the books I got for graduating, my new Zara bag, two little vases that I bought in Romania, etc. And above it a frame with 28 pictures of my dearest.
ph002: my new (fake dr martin) boots from the primark that I bought recently and already got a lot of compliments on.
ph003: Zara dress and the view from one of my window's
ph004: a poster from Keta Gutmane x BLANKBLANK (wrote more about it here)
ph005: where I keep my earrings. It's originally a bowl for nuts from 'de bijenkorf'
ph006: some of my shoes, I have a closet for my shoes but it is full, so I have six pairs standing in my room (the other to are white and black vans, which I basically wear almost every day)